Useful Resources & Links for Communities & Schools

  • British Transport Police’s Railway Guardian App

    The free Railway Guardian app is an all-in-one safety app that allows you to report crimes or concerns on the rail network, share your journeys with trusted contacts, and get access to news, guides, or support. Having the app gives rail users confidence when travelling. It makes reporting easier as a template text format is available for people to ensure they include all important details in their initial report.

  • Rail Safe Friendly

    The initiative provides schools and the rail industry with an opportunity to work together using content from Network Rail’s Switched On Rail Safety website.

  • Network Rail National Safety Campaigns

    • Beware the bubble
    • Bossing the crossing
    • Get home safe
    • Level crossings - distractions when driving a car
    • Level crossings - distractions when walking a dog
    • Stay safe with Thomas
    • Small talk saves lives
    • Wize up, size up
    • You vs train

  • Arlo's Adventures There and Back

    ‘Arlo’s Adventures: There and Back – A pick-a-path railway safety book' was written and illustrated by Freightliner's Bessie Matthews. The story follows Arlo the badger as he makes his first ever solo trip on the train to see his friends Duskie and Moss, who live a couple of stops away. The reader helps the trio stay safe by choosing the correct answer to make safe choices in real world scenarios such as level crossings and station platforms.

    An online version of the brilliant Arlo's Adventures There And Back.

    Arlo's Shop - for organisations looking to order some Arlo's Adventure merchandise. 

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