Rail Safety Week... 

Is an industry wide and industry led initiative focusing on rail safety for all.  Whether your career lies within the rail industry, or whether you use the railways to get from A to B – safety affects us all.  Rail Safety Week aims to bring all aspects of safety to the forefront of people’s minds across a dedicated week.

Working in partnership with organisations from across the industry - from leading names to small SMEs; health and safety conferences, site briefings and school safety based events will be held across the UK. We aim to promote the vital importance of rail safety across and beyond the industry to the communities it serves – “Building Safety Together”

To raise the profile of, and shine a spotlight on, the importance of safety across the UK rail industry; for our people, our passengers and customers and the wider public
To work collaboratively with as many organisations as possible to successfully deliver Rail Safety Week
To bring the industry together delivering the same message across a dedicated week
To prevent accidents, fatalities, and deaths in and around the rail infrastructure, in rail premises and in all rail related workplaces
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