Atkore Flexicon

Atkore Flexicon

As it is the second day of Rail Safety Week 2024, let’s explore one of the biggest rail projects that we had the pleasure of collaborating on in the last few years:

The Alstom Ubunye rail factory in South Africa was looking for a way to install electric cable protection faster as the project was facing tight deadlines.

That’s why they chose to specify Atkore Flexicon FPIHRL nylon flexible conduit and FPAU Ultra™ fittings which reduced the installation time to a fraction thanks to their innovative design.

In contrast to other fittings, the FPAU Ultra™ line of fittings feature a simple push and twist conduit connection and requires minimal onsite assembly by the installation team. With the huge number of cables that needed terminating, the use of FPAU Ultra™ fittings lead to significant reduction in labour time and costs.

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