Rail Safety Week is an opportunity to come together and highlight that safety of the network is the rail industry’s top priority and for Incremental, it is an opportunity to spotlight our software, RAPPORT, that supports rail safety and safe journeys for both passengers and railway staff.

RAPPORT, our incident management and GPS tracking technology is proving to be highly beneficial in supporting Control Teams in the UK to pin point the exact location of trains via GPS tracking.

During an incident, RAPPORT provides the exact location of the train, where emergency braking has occurred and the final stopping point of the train.

By using What3words, Control Teams can identify and share the location quickly, including understanding the best access points, with support teams on the ground to ensure an efficient and rapid response.

Ensuring safety on the rail network is a collective responsibility and together, with RAPPORT technology, we join with the rail industry to make this a priority.

For further information about RAPPORT, contact Luke Powley, Incremental’s Business Development Manager, who would be pleased to provide a demo.

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