McGinley Support Services

McGinley Support Services

In light of #RSW23, McGinley Support Services (Infrastructure) compiled an essential guide to train and rail safety.

Members of their team had a great day at the Capital Delivery Civils Internal Delivery (CID) Safety Stand Down Day event in Stoke which promoted safety awareness and fostering a secure working environment.  It was an open platform for sharing experiences, learning, and reinforcing best practices that contribute to a safer work environment.

Their CEO also took the opportunity to recognise the hard work and dedication of their employees in ensuring safe railway operations. Their OHSE Director urged everyone to remain vigilant, report hazards and encourage a safety-first mindset across the railway industry.

Plus, their safety and delivery teams attended a lunch and learn hosted by Jules Reed, Head of Behavioural Science at Tended, on the hot topic of ‘Bridging the gap between human vulnerability and worksite safety’.

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