Morgan Sindall Infrastructure

Morgan Sindall Infrastructure

Morgan Sindall Infrastructure used the 2023 Rail Safety Week as a platform to promote a health related focus across the MSI Rail business unit, including the health related benefits available to all their employees.

Summer Working and Skin Damage: Cases of skin cancer are on a relentless upward curve so they held briefings across their locations and shared a colleague, Andy Crago’s personal story through a video Andy kindly helped with.

Dust Hazards; Control and Protection: Drier and warmer weather brings elevated dust levels so they reviewed their approach to dust elimination and personal respiratory protection across all of their operational locations.

Personal Health and Support: Their Lifestyle Assessment data or output highlighted that too many have indicators of long term poor health risks so they offered 30 places on a 12 month personal assistance programme run by Reset Health who have amazing success stories in this field.

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