On Thursday 29th June, Tended’s Head of Behavioural Science, Jules Reed hosted a webinar which explored how we can bridge the gap between human vulnerability and worksite safety.  An executive summary for the webinar below:

  • Human error is inevitable and can be linked to a huge amount of workplace accidents, yet reliance is often still placed on human factors to prevent these incidents.
  • Advancements in technology are bridging the gap between vulnerability and workplace safety, minimising the impact of human error on worksite safety.
  • In addition to preventing accidents, this is improving safety culture, saving companies costs, supporting better reporting, etc. – changing the entire H&S landscape!
  • Resistance from the workforce is normal, and you’ll need a rock-solid engagement plan to successfully integrate new technologies into the workplace.
  • Tended is a safety start-up that focuses on bringing together technology with behavioural science to help reduce the impact of human error and improve safety in high-risk industries.
  • As a partner of Rail Safety Week, Tended produced this webinar to help raise awareness of this initiative focussed on creating a safer UK rail infrastructure for all.

The entire presentation is available to view on LinkedIn, and the slides can be viewed here.

Tended were also one of our fabulous event partners for the Rail Safety Week Launch Conference. At this event, Tended’s Head of Business Development Damian Ciesielski gave an insight into how geofencing technology is the future of track worker safety.

As #RSW23 came to an end, Tended took a look back at some of the highlights from the initiative and reflected on what it means for the future of safety on the UK’s railway infrastructure. Read the blog here.

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