WCL shared a variety of facts related to rail safety topics:


  • Bi-mode trains, when in electric mode, have a deadly 25,000-volts running through the overhead wires along the railway at ALL times.
  • Nine out of ten people die when they’re struck by electricity. Others are left with life-changing injuries, including burns and amputations.
  • Electricity can jump up to 3 metres in some conditions (for example when it is raining).

Level Crossing Safety:

  • There are countless near-misses and fatalities every single year between trains and level crossing users.
  • There have been 20 accidental fatalities at level crossings around the country since April 2019.
  • Level crossings are dangerous for not only pedestrians but cyclists, drivers and horse riders.
  • It is vital that when using a level crossing we concentrate. Stop, look and listen. Check both ways before crossing. Understand the warnings (alarms, barriers and lights) and cross quickly in a safe manner.

Safety Awareness and Behavioural Safety:

  • Regardless of the situation you may be working in and whether or not others may be in charge, it is your responsibility to be aware of your own personal safety in your surroundings. If you don’t feel safe, speak out.
  •  If you are left to work alone, it is key that you still follow policies, procedures and safety precautions. They are there for a reason and to keep you safe.
  • Fatigue is a major safety issue. Always ensure you have had enough rest before shifts and adhere to the Network Rail fatigue standard. Ensure you are well rested as this will reduce error rates, help you to react quickly to danger and reduce the likelihood of injuries and accidents.
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