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C&G Systems

For Rail Safety Week, at C&G Systems we reaffirm our commitment to creating safer, more efficient railways across the UK. With our innovative software solutions and comprehensive planning services, we strive to make rail operations safer and more productive for everyone involved.

Safety First with Checkpoint Authority:
At C&G Systems, safety is our top priority. Our Checkpoint Authority app transforms worksite operations by ensuring all authorised personnel can start work simultaneously, enhancing efficiency and reducing delays. With real-time verification of safety certifications, we ensure every worker is ready to operate safely.

Optimising Operations with Checkpoint PDP:
Our Checkpoint PDP (Project Delivery Planning) system provides rail contractors with accurate cost tracking, real-time updates, and comprehensive reporting. This empowers project teams to plan, track, and control projects with unmatched precision, ensuring safety and compliance at every stage.

Fatigue Management for Enhanced Safety:
Managing worker fatigue is crucial for maintaining safety standards. Our Checkpoint Fatigue Manager aligns with Network Rail standards, proactively monitoring and managing fatigue risks to keep your workforce safe and efficient, and keep you compliant.

Comprehensive Site Control:
From possession planning to site performance control, C&G Systems offers tailored solutions that address the unique challenges of each rail project. Our expertise ensures that safety protocols are meticulously followed, minimising risks and enhancing operational efficiency.

Industry-Leading Expertise:
Established in 2012, C&G Systems has played a pivotal role in some of Scotland’s largest rail projects. Our commitment to innovation and excellence has made us a trusted partner for rail operators and principal contractors across the UK.

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