Enable’s dedicated Infrastructure team was actively engaged in a range of safety-focused initiatives:

Monday: Their Waterloo HQ buzzed with the ‘Watch My Back’ safety behaviour session, ensuring the entire Enable Group was well-versed in safety practices and promoting a culture of vigilance.

Tuesday: Directors Daniel Wiscombe¬†and¬†Daniel O’Dowd embarked on an insightful visit to witness tree-felling and vegetation management operations on the Core Valley Lines in South Wales. This on-site tour, conducted as part of their work for Transport for Wales, allowed for meaningful discussions with site operatives on vital safety measures, welfare practices, maintaining positive community relations, and site preservation.

Wednesday and Thursday: They were excited to host the latest training sessions at Waterloo for their Supervisor Transformed program. Designed as a bespoke internal initiative, this career pathway empowers their site-based personnel to refine their professional skillset with a strong emphasis on safety. These intensive sessions ensure their supervisors are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to create a secure working environment.

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