Inrail OHS

Inrail OHS

Inrail OHS are planning on putting on an event on Friday the 28th  June at TES 2000 office in Doncaster, where InRail OHS will be offering a free “Know Your Numbers” session.

Don’t miss out! Join us on June 28th between 10am and 3pm at Cavendish Court in Doncaster!

During the day people will be able to come and talk to us about all thing’s health, and we will be there to take readings for Blood Pressure, BMI and Blood Sugar, and giving generic health and wellbeing advice and guidance. We will be handing out free blood pressure monitors for anyone concerned about blood pressure and promoting the use of our App (which hasn’t been unveiled publicly yet) in which you can input blood pressure readings and receive feedback and use it to obtain useful sources of information about health and wellbeing.

In addition to the above, we will also be handing out free samples of one of our partners drinks, FG Factor. Their drink contains the essential nutrients the body needs to promote positive mental health and of course physical health. This is designed to be an alternative to an energy drink used by many in the industry!

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