Slip Safety Services

Slip Safety Services

Rail Safety Week: Slips, Trips & Falls Prevention Masterclass (12:30 – 13:30 on 26 June – online)

Let’s reduce slips, trips and falls in our railways in this Rail Safety Week webclass 🚆 ⚠️

Slips, trips and falls is a big challenge for the rail industry:
❌ 66% of severe passenger injuries are slips, trips and falls (ORR data)
❌ Network Rail paid out £1m+ over 5 years on slips, trips and falls claims

However, it’s more than possible to use science to significantly reduce the number of incidents, injuries and claims:
✅ Euston station recorded a 60% reduction in incidents year-on-year with a focussed effort on cleaning for slip safety, not just aesthetics

Join this Rail Safety Week Slips, Trips and Falls Prevention Masterclass to:
➡️ Guarantee to reduce your slip risk by 50,000x
➡️ Mitigate the risk of trips with a 4-step process
➡️ Discover how to achieve a 57%+ reduction in slip incidents
➡️ Be certain your floors have less than a 1 in 1 million slip risk

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